Chicago Teachers One-Day Strike

These are video interviews and photos from the April 1, 2016 Chicago Teachers One Day Strike and general day of action to save public education, public services, against police brutality and low wages, and for immigrant rights.

First up is Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis being interviewed by Chicago press the day before the strike. I stood in the lobby and video’d the interview. Good perspective from CTU leadership of the strike.

Next up is the first teacher interview at University of Illinois – Chicago. Discussing stress with school closures, testing especially for special ed teachers.

Second teacher interview describes the loss of libraries, art.

Here Norma interviews two students from University of Illinois-Chicago who are losing the student funding, call MAP grants.

After the rally at U of I – Chicago we headed with crowds downtown into the Loop for the big rally of over 30,000 people. Here’s a quick video showing the protests on the train platform getting support from drivers on the freeway.

Getting on the training with the crowd (upside down sometimes sorry)

This is us coming out of the train stations downtown chanting “Chicago is a union town”, a chant Norma started.

Great interview with a high school teacher excited to be a part of the strike.

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